Selna & John G.

We have known Nolan for a couple of years now through his brother Nelson. When Nolan was getting started on his journey with videography, he asked if he can do our wedding. At first we were hesitant because he was initially invited to our wedding but he insisted. We agreed to have him videotape our wedding but under one condition, and that was to be a “guest” over “vendor.” Our wedding was on September 29, 2018 at the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, VA. Nolan and his wife traveled from New Jersey for the weekend and was able to spend the night before with us at our condo in Kingsmill. From the day he arrived, he was ready with his camera in hand. On the day of the wedding he was up bright and early to capture the bride and the bridesmaids getting ready at their ready room. As a one man team (back then), he continued to work hard and bounce back and forth between the wedding parties. After the wedding, he continued to reach out to us and keep us updated with the video editing and when the teaser and full video will be released. His professionalism, dedication and hard work over shines all of our expectations. If you get a chance to see his work please do. He is a great professional with great pricing for your every need!

photo credit: Katherine Sparks Photography